Sincan Ibni Sina Anatolian High School visited Music Education Department
28 November 2023 | 21:58

Within the scope of Faculty-School cooperation, during the visit of Sincan Ibni Sina Anatolian High School to our university, Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Education Department Vice Chairman Prof. Dr. Aytekin ALBUZ hosted a tour of the department's concert hall and rehearsal rooms.

In the rehearsal room, Prof. Dr. Ömer TÜRKMENOĞLU sang a Neapolitan song to our students, accompanied by Prof. Dr. Aytekin ALBUZ's piano.

The cellists we visited during the rehearsal were Prof. Dr. Şebnem ORHAN. Prof. Dr. Şebnem ORHAN, CSO Em. Cello Artist Şinasi ÇİLDEN, Ar. Assist. Berkcan KAYAARSLAN, PhD Student Berfe Yaren BAYCAN and Dr. Assist. Prof. Dr. Selçuk BİLGİN (piano) performed the folk song "Yellow Bride" for our students. 

We want to thank our teachers Ayten Bay, Betül Öztürk Atmaca, Erdinç Uçar, and Dr. Sevinç Aksay Albuz for guiding the students to different universities and departments. Follow the link below for more details.

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