Mission, Vision and Values

Institutions with all quality standards in the world build their structures on certain goals and values. Information on the foundations of Gazi University Music Education Department is given below.

Mission of the Program: To educate music educators who are competent and equipped in their field, who can produce information, who are open to development, who can follow technology and current developments, who are loyal to national and moral values, and who meet international standards.

Vision of the Program: To create a corporate culture that has the ability to compete internationally in the field of music education-educating, assimilates, synthesizes, questions and interprets the professional knowledge and experience it has acquired, and aims at lifelong learning by opening up from the local to the universal.

Values: At peace with their own culture, open to world cultures; honesty, patience, respect, tolerance, responsibility, benevolence and patriotism constitute the core values ​​of the program.

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