About Us

Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Music Education Department based on The Music Teachers' Collage (Musiki Muallim Mektebi) founded by Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK in 1924. It has long been one of the leading institutions of Turkey in the field and has expert staff.

The main purpose of the program is to train music teachers who is qualified in the field of music education and opened to new ideas and development. Program duration is 4 years and language is Turkish. It is compulsory to take minimum score from Universty Exam (YGS) to attending Music Department's Entrance Exam. Our entrance exam contains musical hearing, playing and singing sections.

Our cirriculum consist of obligatory and elective lessons about "Music Knowledge and Skills", "Culture of Music", "Teaching Knowledge" and "General Knowledge" branchs of the music and education. Department of Music Education has its own building designed to meet the needs of students with individual study rooms, rehearsal and concert hall etc.Our graduate students can work as teacher at elemantary and high schools, researchers at universities, art consultant at instituations.


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