Celebrations of 98th Aniversary of Music Teacher's School
2 November 2022 | 09:44

November 1st, on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the establishment of the Music Teachers School, a panel discussion and concert event was held by Ankara State Conservatory Association, Gazi University Music Education Department, Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory, Mamak Municipality, Music Educators Association (MÜZED) and Sevda Cenap And Music Foundation.

Under the management of Prof. Dr.Ali UÇAN, in the open session on music teaching in terms of the right of the people to experience quality art, Prof. Dr. Aytekin ALBUZ (Director of GÜGEF GSE Department of Music Education) Pınar ALPAY YÜKSEL (Secretary General of SCA Music Foundation) Mehmet DÜĞMECİ (Vice President of Mamak Municipality) PROF. DR.Cenk GÜRAY (Assistant Director of HU ADK) PROF. Bige BEDİZ KINIKLI (ADK-DER Vice President) and Refik SAYDAM (MÜZED President) took place as speakers.

After the panel discussion, the Gazi Youth Orchestra under the direction of Chief. Prof. Dr.Mehmet EFE, Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Antique Sounds Group, and MÜZED Faik CANSELEN Teachers' Choir performed concerts.

November 1, the foundation day of the Music Teachers' School, is also celebrated today as the day of music teachers.

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