Prof. Dr. Mehmet EFE's new album "Yunus& Aşk"
19 October 2022 | 12:19

Göksel Baktagir, the living legend of Turkish Music, the great composer, and master of the law, once again divined the poems of the great thinker and poet Yunus Emre. Göksel Baktagir hymns “YUNUS EMRE ORATORYOSU”, which turned into an oratorio with the choirs and orchestrations of Prof. Dr. Mehmet Efe and one of our graduates, Serkan Sönmez, and the orchestra and choir recordings of the album, performed in the concert hall of our department, took its place on all digital platforms, and also in vinyl format as a limited collection of works. The scorebook of the work is at the stage of printing and will be sent to all Fine Arts High Schools in our country as a gift of heart by Göksel Baktagir. Hope it contributes to our cultural life.
Prof. Dr. Mehmet EFE

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