Eduard Zuckmayer on the 80th anniversary of his arrival in Turkey
20 September 2022 | 16:36

Gazi University, Music Educators Association (MÜZED) and Goethe Institut organized the 'Musiki Teacher and Eduard Zuckmayer' symposium on November 1, 2016, on the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the Music Teacher's School.

The symposium started with the opening speeches of the chairman and representatives of the stakeholder organizations.


President of the Music Educators Association

Refik Saydam   


Gazi University Gazi Education Faculty

Head of Fine Arts Education Department

Prof. İsmet Doğan

Gazi University Gazi Education Faculty

Department of Fine Arts Education

Head of Music Education Department

Prof. Dr. Aytekin Albuz


Then Assoc. Dr. Gazi University choir gave a concert under the direction of Günay Akgün.


After the concert, invited speakers Prof. Dr. Ali Ucan, Dr. Niyazi Altunya, Refik Saydam, H. Hüseyin Akbulut and Assist. Assoc. Dr. The symposium was held with the participation of Salih Aydoğan. At the symposium, the speakers examined the establishment of the Music Teachers' School, the environment during its establishment, Eduard Zuckmayer's artistic personality and his contribution to the shaping of the school, adding an evaluation from the past to the present.

After the symposium, Research Assistants from Gazi University Music Education Department Cagla Serin Ozparlak, Sevilay Kalay, Sinem Arıcı and Selin Özdemir gave a concert of works by Eduard Zuckmayer.

The symposium ended with the screening of the movie "Eduard Zuckmayer: A Musician in Turkey".

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