Senate decision about Covid-19
6 December 2021 | 11:52

The Senate decision of our university, dated 19.11. 2021, regarding the attendance obligations of students who have had or have been in contact with Covid-19, is given below.

In order to prevent student disability in theoretical and practical training in the 2021-2022 academic year due to the Covid-19 global epidemic, students who are absent from these courses only because of the excused period, should submit to the relevant academic units that they are absent related to Covid-19 with official documents (e-government). It has been unanimously decided that the instructors will use the educational materials that will be uploaded to the Learning Management System by the instructors if they submit a document stating that they have had Covid-19 from the -pulse-hes applications or that they have been in contact) and that the processes will be carried out by the relevant academic units and the students will be deemed to have fulfilled their course attendance obligations.

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